What is so good about Aloe Vera?

  • Aloe Vera is also known as “Nature’s Medicine Plant”
  • It is easily absorbed by your skin
  • Naturally promotes the production of new skin cell growth
  • Known for its cooling, soothing & moisturising properties

Plunkett’s Aloe Vera goodness

Uses 100% Certified Organic Aloe Barbadensis which means:

    • NO Chemicals
    • NO Fertilizers
    • NO Pesticides
    • NO Toxins
  • 99% Aloe Vera (+ <1% excipients)
  • NO added water
  • NO parabens or PEG’s
  • Low irritation due to purity
  • NO artificial colours or perfumes
  • NOT crystal clear (usually reconstituted)
  • Made in Australia