HL-7 Head Lice Solutions

HL7 Head Lice Comb




  • Independently tested

  • Patented diamond tines to strip lice without ripping hair

  • Stainless steel tines


  • Twin head for all hair types
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Constructed for durability
  • Handle stands upright
  • Includes bonus 5x Magnifying Glass to identify lice and eggs
  • Bonus debris brush to keep your comb clean


  • All hair types
  • Long or short
  • Fine or thick
  • Curly or straight
  • Boys and girls
  • Men and woman

Fine tooth combing dramatically increases effectiveness of all treatment products. Unless you lose it, this is the only comb you'll ever need!

Warranty Information: DIRECTIONS:
Apply HL7 Rapid Rid Gel or Natural Treatment to dry hair and follow the directions on pack.
Remove knots by combing with an ordinary comb.

Separate the hair into 2cm sections. Use the HL7 Head Lice Comb, to comb slowly through the hair. Choose the side that most suits your hair type. Start close to the scalp, working through to the ends.
Wipe the HL7 Head Lice Comb onto a tissue looking for lice and eggs then comb through the next separated section.

Continue to remove all lice and eggs with the HL7 Head Lice Comb ensuring total lice removal.
To rinse out treatment follow directions on respective packs.

Towel dry hair. DO NOT USE ARTIFICIAL HEAT eg. hair dryer.

Check hair with magnifying glass, especially close to the scalp. Re-check every 2 days and repeat steps above if necessary. Remember to check all family members.

Fine-tooth coming is the best way to remove eggs which are GLUED to the hair shaft. It also remove any nits (empty shells) and dead lice. This helps break the lice-life cycle and reduces the chance of re-infestation.
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Height 19.00
Weight 84.00 Grams
Depth 5.10


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Brilliant device!

This comb is absolutely brilliant. I tried other combs and shampoos etc., and then used this comb with standard white conditioner. This is so much easier and less painful, and the tines are really really good at removing all of the active lice in the hair (even though we used the coarse side, because of thicker hair). Soooo much easier and more effective than other options!
Posted by Fiona, 12th Jul 2017

Great for removing lice!

I remember using this when I was little, or, rather, my parents using it on mine and my sister's hair. The two different combs are really useful - just make sure to use the finer toothed one after the wider toothed one. Unlike some other head lice combs, it doesn't pull out too much hair - if you have a conditioner in your hair beforehand it should just glide through. The magnifying glass helps to identify if what you're pulling out is actually lice. A great buy!
Posted by undefined, 27th Feb 2017


As a primary school teacher, I have had the dreaded head lice (shh) but I must say this product is a must. No one wants head lice and anyone who has had it knows it can be a pain to get rid of. Just make sure you have a helper to do the back of your head. This was great as it easily highlights where your lice is, including eggs! This made my head lice go away after 2 uses. Thank you!
Posted by R. Pear, 27th Feb 2017

I have tried everything and this is the BEST

oh my god, what a life saver!!! A must for parents with primary school kids!!! Easy and very effective,
Posted by Jodie, 27th Feb 2017