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JPC Anti-Wrinkle Routine

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This pack is designed to give you killer confidence, confidence that you are giving your skin the best chance to delay or pause wrinkles. A simple yet effective skincare routine that targets:


This easy four step system is all you need for both morning and night.

SIMPLY: Cleanse, Boost, Firm and Moisturise

You will feel the difference with just one use of the cleanser. And then over 30 days the combination of this kit will see changes in your skin tone, wrinkles, fine lines, large pores, sagging, dull skin and dark spots. This pack will leave you with brighter, refined, smooth and confident skin. The wrinkle routine has been designed for those who want to target the signs of ageing. If you have just started to notice them or you have been noticing wrinkles for a while it's never too late to invest in looking after your skin.

The Facial Cleanser (100ml) is simply amazing. Gentle yet thorough it leaves your skin so soft you could almost skip moisturising. The PH level in this cleanser is neutral which doesn't leave your skin feeling stripped of moisture. It is also ideal for those with sensitive skin.

The Dark Spot Eraser (30ml) is not only for women with dark spots, but it's active ingredients are perfect for general hydration, regeneration and the overall health of your skin.

Our Refirming Eye Cream (15ml) is a soft, smooth cream that helps improve the eye area. Formulated with the potent anti-ageing combination of argireline and pentacare HP, Collagen and Rosehip Oil, this Eye Cream triggers a chain reaction from within, providing firmness around the eye area. It helps strengthen the skin, smoothes the surface and enhances skins natural ability to renew itself, reducing sagging of skin and the appearance of wrinkles.

Most of us want to feel a moisturiser actually relieve the skin of that dry and tight feeling. That is exactly what Super Wrinkle Cream does. And it doesn't stop there. The active ingredients rejuvenate, plump and firm your skin, softening fine lines and return elasticity. Super Wrinkle is both a day and night moisturiser which keeps your anti-wrinkle routine simple.

Start your anti-wrinkle routine!

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Amazing results, great value for money!
Posted by Gail, 18th Jul 2017