Microdacyn Wound Care Solution (120ml)


Microdacyn Solution is an irritation free anti-septic solution that Cleans and Treats all types of wounds. The solution is designed to clean and flush the wound and kick starts the healing process. 

Treat your families first aid cuts, burns, abrasions and sores with Microdacyn. Microdacyn is different because it doesn't have any ingredients that cause damage to the healthy skin, allowing you to heal as fast as possible!

• No Sting, No Stain
• Shorter Healing Time
• Prevents Infection
• Suitable For All Ages
• No maximum duration
• Anti-Allergenic, Non-toxic
• Use Anywhere Including Eyes, Nose, Mouth and Ears


Apply Microdacyn Solution liberally to the wound to clean out any debris ensuring you are left with a clean environment for healing. Do not rinse. Cover with appropriate dressing and reapply the solution at every dressing change or 3 times a day. Can also be used to aid in dressing removal.

Use on it's own or together with the Microdacyn Hydrogel. The Hydrogel is designed to fight and prevent infection, inflammation and wound odour.

Microdacyn is clinically proven to significantly improve the healing time for wounds!

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Height 18.00
Weight 120.00 Grams
Depth 5.00


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So Easy

My little boy had a bad scrape on his knee, I love how easy it was to clean the wound and it didn't hurt him. Water usually stings and hurts. I love that I can clean a wound with a solution that heals naturally. Really great product!
Posted by Judy, 28th Aug 2017