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NS Bundle - Extra Dry Skin Pack

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If you have dry, sensitive skin then you want a moisturiser that lasts longer than an hour. Our moisturisers work deep down into your skin relieving it of dry uncomfortableness. The NS Extra Dry Skin Pack is the perfect winter skin routine. It will deeply nourish and gently cleanse your skin, giving you naturally soft and smooth skin.

If other products have aggravated your skin before then be assured, we have crafted NS free from potential skin irritants such as petro-chemicals, parrafins, soaps, detergents, parabens, colours or perfumes. Instead we have used natures best and sourced organic ingredients where it counts. When you use NS you know your skin is in safe hands.

This pack is designed as an easy 2 step system. Cleanse and moisturise. 


Moisturising starts with a good cleanser. Cleansers can unnecessarily strip your skin of moisture. Our PH balanced cleanser is gentle and leaves your skin feeling thoroughly cleansed. In fact this moisturiser leaves your skin feeling so lovely you may even forget to moisturise. Use with or without water this calming cleanser will look after your dry, sensitive skin.


This pack has two moisturisers depending on the dryness of your skin.

  • Level one: NS-14 Extra dry moisturiser is for everyday use to relieve your very dry, prickly and sensitive skin and restores your skins natural moisture balance. It is formulated with a natural protective barrier that lasts up to five hours. It works by instantly absorbing into your skin and locks the moisture into your skin.

  • Level two: NS-21 is a skin repair treatment for damaged dry skin or skin that needs something extra than your average moisturiser. This moisturiser isn't like anything you have ever put on your skin. It deeply nourishes. Packed full of quality natural ingredients it is the superfood of skincare. It aids the skins natural healing process which makes it perfect for eczema, dermatitis and Psoriasis. This skin care will be your new favourite go to product.

Protective Hand Cream

Protective Hand Cream is an everyday hand cream with quality ingredients;  Emu oil, zinc complex, organic aloe vera,  grape seed oil, natural honey and pure essential oils. This nourishing hand cream easily absorbs into your dry, sensitive skin and provides you with hydration and protection that lasts for up to 5 hours. The formula was designed to withstand regular and frequent hand washing. The natural active ingredients nourish and soothe skin leaving it silky smooth and fresh. Protective hand cream will transform your dry hands.

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Extremely great value !

I purchased the NS Extra Dry Skin Bundle and am very pleased with the value for money that it provides. I am extremely sensitive to SLS and the Sensitive Skin Cleanser is the best soap/cleanser that I have ever used. It leaves my skin very smooth, unlike soaps containing SLS which cause dryness and cracked skin.
Posted by Rebecca, 29th Sep 2016