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John Plunkett Psor-Asist Cream (100g Jar)



John Plunkett’s Psor-Asist Cream is exclusively formulated for the treatment of Psoriasis and other skin conditions associated with scaling and inflammation. It contains a unique blend of proven, innovative and natural ingredients.  It quickly relieves the irritating and unsightly symptoms of psoriasis.

For scalp conditions associated with inflammation & scaling use John Plunkett’s Psor-Asist Scalp Lotion (non-staining)


John Plunkett’s Psor-Asist Cream has a four way action

  1. Reduces inflammation - reduces itching and redness.
  2. Clears excess scale - softens and removes scale.
  3. Reduces cell proliferation - assists in the restoration of skin to its normal condition.
  4. Re-moisturises and repairs affected skin tissue.


  • Specifically designed to treat Psoriasis
  • Effective in 80% of cases in a consumer trial


  • Coal Tar Solution - controls and reduces inflammation and itching.
  • Sulphur - for drying & healing.
  • Salicylic Acid - for removal of excessive skin build-up.
  • Retinyl Palmitate - anti-oxidant.
  • Urea - potent moisturiser
  • Omega Oils - slows cell turnover


A consumer trial* was conducted among psoriasis sufferers. The participants applied John Plunkett’s Psor-Asist Cream and, if applicable, John Plunkett’s Psor-Asist Scalp Lotion for a period of two weeks. Over 80% of John Plunkett’s Psor-Asist users saw improvement of their psoriasis symptoms of scaliness and inflammation in just 2 weeks.

* Trial conducted by Dr Distin-Morgan, sponsored by Sunspot Products

Warranty Information: DIRECTIONS
Apply to affected area two or three times a day until lesions have disappeared.

Do not use on children except on medical advice
Do not use under occlusion except on medical advice
Not recommended for use during pregnancy
Discontinue use if irritation occurs
Avoid excessive exposure to sun after use
Avoid contact with eyes
External use only
Use only as directed
Always read the label
Keep out of the reach of children
If symptoms persist seek medical help

Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin condition.
It can be a debilitating skin disorder.
In the most common type, patches of skin become inflamed and develop a white scale.
These patches tend to occur on the scalp, elbows and knees, and can be itchy.
The skin in psoriasis patches grows much faster than normal skin. Normal skin grows continuously and a new layer is formed each month. With psoriasis, the skin forms a complete layer every 3-4 days, so the extra skin is shed in scales.
Stress or an infection can set off the psoriasis and produce scaly skin patches.
Psoriasis usually appears between the ages of 15 and 35, but can develop at any age.
It is rare for infants to be affected.
Psoriasis tends to be a life-long illness.


Reduces inflammation - reduces itching and redness.
Clears excess scale - softens and removes scale.
Reduces cell proliferation - assists in the restoration of skin to its normal condition.
Re-moisturises and repairs affected skin tissue


COAL TAR SOLUTION 50mg/ml: Controls and reduces inflammation and itching.
SALICYLIC ACID 20mg/ml: Removes the excess scale.
UREA: A potent moisturiser which re-moisturises the skin.
BIOSULPHUR CLR 30mg/ml: Combats infection and promotes normal cell growth.
UNSATURATED FATTY OILS: Reduces cell proliferation - i.e. cells growing faster than the ideal rate.
VITAMINS A, B5: Repairs the damage done to the skin's tissue.

This product does not contain antibiotics, cortico steroids or dithranol.

Available without prescription.
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The best ointment on the market for controlling psoriasis

This is the best product I've used to control psoriasis. just a few day's use and the scale clears up. I use it fairly consistently to control the condition. Yes its smelly, but I recommend using it at night before going to bed so that it doesn't stain your clothes. The tub is great value as it lasts for many months, just don't store it in a hot place in the summer or it will melt.
Posted by LB, 23rd Apr 2018

The best product

This is the only cream that works! It always clears my skin in one day, it doesn’t weaken over time unlike other products, and the differences it makes are noticeable. The only con is that it smells like petrol: so don’t put it on if you’re going out, but it’s a small thing compared to red, scaly skin!
Posted by Sarah, 7th Feb 2018

Psor-Asist Cream

works better than anything else i've tried
Posted by rod, 1st Jan 2018

Psoriasis Treatment

Works better than any other creams or ointments. Occasionally I change treatments but I always revert back to this product.
Posted by undefined, 16th Jul 2016

Excellent Product

I was diagnosed with psoriasis and went looking for treatments other than cortisone creams. I saw reviews for this product online and thought I would give it a go. Am I pleased I did! This product is excellent. It gave me such relief. I highly recommend it!
Posted by Caroline Gammage, 13th Feb 2015