Plunkett's Deo Fresh

Plunkett's Deo Fresh Roll-On Deodorant (50mL For Her)


DEO FRESH Deodorants are ALUMINIUM FREE. They contain natural actives to maintain all-day freshness, prevent perspiration odour and provide natural dryness protection. These low allergy antiperspirant deodorants are non-staining and a great alternative to chemical based deodorants.

  • Hypo allergenic
  • Natural alternative to chemical based products
  • Kills odour causing bacteria


  • Apply liberally, and use as often as required
  • Do not apply to broken skin
  • For very sensitive skin roll directly onto clothing
  • Discontinue use if irritation occurs
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Sugar Cane Alcohol: Alcohol is an antiseptic and is used to sterilise the skin and kill bacteria present
Witch Hazel: Strong anti-oxidant and astringent (closes pores and reduces perspiration and sebum secretions)
Zinc Complex: Absorbs the bacteria and chemicals produced by the body which cause odours. It also contains a high concentration of the essential amino acid Lysine which when used in combination with the Zinc, neutralises the effects of excess perspiration.
Thyme, Sage, Rosemary: These all have natural antiperspirant and deodorant properties
Glycerin & Allantoin: These provide light moisturising and soothing for the skin.
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Height 10.8000
Weight 76.0000 Grams
Depth 3.8000


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DEO for her - antiperspirant deodorant

DEO is one of the better brands of aluminium free antiperspirants/deodorant around It is an effective antiperspirant but not too strong smelling as a deodorant. But it can be difficult to locate. Several years ago I gave up trying to find a retail outlet that stocks this brand and now buy through Plunkett's when ever I need to, My husband has now converted to DEO for him.
Posted by Janet Crews, 7th Apr 2017

Great Deodorant

I have had trouble finding a natural deodorant that actually works. This one is great, it doesn't irritate sensitive skin and doesn't leave you feeling sticky.
Posted by Ashleigh, 7th Nov 2016

Works well & doesn't irritate sensitive skin

This Deo does work, has a pleasant but not overpowering smell and doesn't sting recently epilated underarms.
Posted by undefined, 16th Sep 2016

Works well - and smells nicer than Deo fresh original

Very happy with this. Effective even after moderate cycling. 'For her' has a gentle/subtle smell, nicer than the Deo fresh original.
Posted by Jo, 25th May 2015

Why is it so hard to find a chemist that stocks this product?

DEO for her is one of the best aluminium free deodorant available nowadays. I order it through Plunkett's as I can never find a pharmacy or retail outlet that stocks it.
Posted by Janet, 27th Apr 2015