Microdacyn NEW Hospital Grade Wound Care!

Microdacyn is a revolutionary NEW antiseptic for wounds.  It is Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Microbial, pH neutral, Non-Toxic Antiseptic that heals and protects all wound types.

Microdacyn wound care is based on a medical technology breakthrough where it physically kills germs without antibiotics. 

Now used in major hospitals nationally.

Benefits of Microdacyn

  • Controls and prevents infection
  • Controls inflammation
  • Reduces wound odour
  • Improves blood, oxygen and nutrient supply to the wound
  • Significantly improves the healing time for chronic wounds
  • Suitable for all ages - babies to the elderly 
  • Compatible with all types of dressing
  • Can be used anywhere on the body including mucous membranesmicrodacyn first aid

How Is Microdacyn Different?

Microdacyn is different because it doesn't have ingredients that cause damage to healthy skin allowing you to heal as fast as possible!

For ALL Wounds

• Doesn't sting
• Colourless/non-staining
• Shorter healing time
• Prevents infection

• Safely apply anywhere
• Anti-Allergenic, Non-Toxic
• Suitable for all ages
• Can be used constantly


• Stings/burns on application
• Stains skin & clothing
• Damages healthy tissue
• Can slow healing
• Can cause irritation
• Contains chemical allergens
• Strict application guidelines
• Can't be used on oral cavities

How Does Microdacyn Work?

Microdacyn replicates the body’s own infection response defence mechanisms that occur naturally. By using these mechanisms to fight infection it helps your wound heal faster and reduces the risk of infection.


Clinically Proven To Reduce Healing Time

Microdacyn has had dramatic results and has been clinically proven to treat minor, acute and chronic wounds.

Heals Minor Wounds: Abrasions, Minor burns, Minor wounds, Skin cuts, Rashes

Heals Acute Wounds: Incisions, Lacerations, Punctures, Second degree burns, Stitches

Heals Chronic Wounds: Open wounds, Third degree burns, Surgical wounds, Infections, Ulcers

How to Use Microdaycn?


Step One
Spray Microdacyn Solution directly onto/into the wound. Apply enough so that the area is completely saturated and leave for 15-30 seconds.​​ If a deeper clean is requires ​Spray Microdacyn Solution onto a sterile gauze or cloth and use it to thoroughly clean the wounded area.


Step Two
Depending on the severity of the wound and to treat infection more aggressively, place a bandage or gauze heavily soaked with Microdacyn solution over the wound.  Leave for 10-15 minutes.


Step Three
Spray a generous coating of Microdacyn Gel  to seal and protect the wound. 


how-to-use-microdacyn-step-four.jpgStep Four
Leave the area to dry and apply a dressing and/or bandage coated in Microdacyn Solution. ​Microdacyn Wound Care Solution and Hydrogel are compatible with all dressings and covers. Dress the wound according to it's type.

​Repeat the above steps 1-4 every day for the first 5 days when starting treatment and continue to use until the wound is closed.