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A clinical strength night-time facial peel with 25% glycolic acid that helps to remove old, dull surface skin cells

  • Exfoliates skin’s outer layer removing old, dull surface skin cells
  • Lactokine protects against inflammation
  • Aloe Vera soothes and hydrates
  • Use at night followed by an Eventone moisturiser (one week on, one week off)
  • Skin is rejuvenated
  • Fine lines, surface discolouration and blemishes are reduced
  • Use regularly to keep skin looking young and even toned
Formulated for fine lines, clogged pores, photo-damaged and unevenly pigmented skin
  • Apply 1 - 2 drops evenly over facial area after cleansing at night, avoiding the eye area.
  • Allow to dry before applying a moisturiser such as Radiance, Lightening Cream or Fine Line Eraser
  • Low irritation and anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Normal to oily skin – every night, or every second night
  • Normal to dry skin – twice a week
  • Sensitive skin - rinse off after 1 minute to avoid irritation. If irritation occurs, stop use immediately
  • An on/off regimen produces the best results - use for one week, then rest the skin for a week before resuming
  • Glyco-Peel may make your skin more sensitive to sun exposure, so it is important to use sun protection
  • Glycolic Acid: 
    • Nature’s wonder AHA that quickly and effectively exfoliates away the skin’s outer layer of old, dull cells, allowing replacement with rejuvenated younger looking skin.
  • Lactokine: 
    • Stimulates cell regenerative function and corrects imbalances. 
    • Its excellent protective and anti-inflammatory action counteracts irritation induced by the exfoliating action of the glycolic acid.
  • Aloe Vera Gel: 
    • Provides a high degree of soothing hydration for the newly exposed skin cells to complete the revitalisation process.
Deionised Water, Glycolic Acid, Ammonium hydroxide, Lactokine, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract 

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Although we have received very few reports of irritation over many years, Glyco Peel uses 25% glycolic acid which is one of the highest available within Pharmacies. This percentage might be too high for sensitive skin. Try leaving the serum on for just a few minutes, then wash your face with warm water.


We believe you would run no risk to any harm with using Eventone Lightening Cream throughout pregnancy or breastfeeding as the gel only works externally on the outer layers of the skin. However if you have any further concerns it is always advised that you please speak with a pharmacist or your doctor.


Roughly 3.5

Here are just a few samples of the many letters that we have received from satisfied and congratulatory customers, thanking us for our unique, innovative and problem solving products. All of these testimonials are available on file at the Head Office of Sunspot Products, and are available for viewing upon request. All statements have been supplied at the free will of the customer. No solicitation was used to obtain these statements.
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Plunkett Pharmaceuticals
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E-mail:   info@plunketts.com.au

Vee on bh Jul 27, 2011 8:39pm via Beauty Heaven

Rating: **** (4 Stars)


During the first few seconds of me applying it, there is a slight burning sensation. It can get a bit much, but I decided to leave it on. After the burning subsided, I slathered on some moisturiser, and woke up to some seriously smooth skin. 
I have hyperpigmenation from acne, and using this has helped to lessen the appearance quite a fair bit.

Jemma789 Jan 6, 2011 2:59pm via Beauty Heaven

Rating: ***** (5 Stars)

Best Exfoliator

I have been using this product for about 2 months now and love it, my skin has never felt this good. I followed the instructions and put a drop onto my face, it tingled for a moment and then I washed it off. After just three applications I noticed a huge difference in my skin it was smoother, clearer and just looked so much better. I use it three times a week which is plenty of exfoliating with this product and II still haven't used the whole bottle. The only tip I would give is if you have any open skin such as a cut it will sting so use it another day. Also if it makes you red or uncomfortable (happened to my friend trying this product with me) your skin is too sensitive for this product as this is not normal. All in all a great exfoliator that I will use for many years to come.


Rating: ***** (5 Stars) Oct 25, 2010 3:09pm via Beauty Heaven

Great Exfoliator

I really like this product, I bought it in priceline a couple of months ago and have been using it since then. It is the most effective exfoliator I have ever used and leaves my skin feeling smooth, soft and looking healthy. It costs me $30 but it lasts for ages. A great product. Also I noticed the other review said this brand was discontinued this is not the case. When I went to buy some more on the weekend I asked the pharmacy staff if it was being discontinued and they said no it had just been repackaged and sometimes is a little hard to find.


Rating: ***** (5 Stars) Jun 19, 2010 2:11pm

Very good

For an at home glyco peel this is very good - good price too. It wasn’t as potent as some othersI’ve tried but my skin was fresher, smoother because of this. Shame the brand has been discontinued


Rating: ***** (5 Stars) May 11, 2010 4:11pm

Perfect at home skin peel! Saves money too!!!

I use this everyday (for a week then have a week break) I leave it on for and hr and then wash it off and it instantly tightens and brightens my skin I feel like I had a mini face-lift.


Rating: *** (3 Stars) Apr 23, 2010 5:47pm

Quite good for at home...

I am a glycolic facial fan, so I thought this could save me some money from my salon! Yes, it left my skin smoother and clearer, but like most facials, my skin did break out at first, but then cleared up after 2-3 treatments. Don't overuse. Little by little for best results.

Love this product!

Can feel it tingle as soon as you put it on. Once washed off, skin is brighter, tighter and so soft. This stuff makes your skin glow! Did make my skin dry out after bi-daily use. For such a strong product, probably using it only once a week is enough.

  • Reviewer: Beauu_ (Gold Coast, Australia) c/o: Beauty Heaven
  • Age: 20
  • Posted: February 12, 2010

Love this

I really like this product. I'm blessed with fairly forgiving skin but I do have to deal with blemishes and occasional oiliness. I put a drop of this on every night for a week to get started; now I use it once or twice a week. It has a slight tingle when I apply but nothing after that, but given my skin is tough I would caution against sensitive-skinned lasses trying it. But after using this for months the smaller blemishes are all but gone and larger blemishes leave quicker. I love the fact that I can put it on when I cleanse at night and not have to wait around to wash it off - a definite plus! This is one of the few at-home products I've tried that gets even close to approximating a salon peel. Not one for sensitive skins but if your skin is forgiving give it a try. I love it!

  • Reviewer: Meggymog (Brompton, Australia) c/o: Beauty Haeven
  • Age: 25
  • Posted: January 04, 2010

Great for clearing up blemishes.

I used this Glyco Peel hoping to lessen the appearance of light freckles on my face. I used the product every second day in combination with the Lightening Cream and although it did not have an effect on my freckles it did however clear up all blemishes on my face and made my skin glow.

  • Reviewer: Anja280490 (Raby, Australia) c/o: Beauty Heaven
  • Age: 19
  • Posted: December 31, 2009

Powerful punch

This is quite a strong peel to use at home. My poor skin however did not take a particular liking to this product. It's strength is felt instantly by a strong tingling sensation upon contact with your skin. The instructions state that this product can be rinsed off after 1 minute to avoid irritation and this is exactly what I had to do. I don't know how anybody can leave this on their skin for longer it's just too strong. ?The upside is that I was initially left with smoother skin but I didn't notice many other benefits and also after the first three times my skin didn't feel as soft anymore. Instead in began to feel as though it had toughened in order to take on the power of this peel. ?Perhaps my skin simply isn't suited to this product but I didn't notice any spectacular benefits of this product to warrant the hassle of including this product in my routine.

  • Reviewer: Hely (North Rockhampton, Australia) c/o: Beauty Heaven
  • Age: 21
  • Posted: October 11, 2009

A great gycolic peel

I have wanted to try this for a while but, was worried it would irritate my skin and make it red and flaky. ?I only needed a bit to cover my face. It took about 30 seconds before I could feel the product work. It made my face tingly and it did start to irriate my skin. I left it on as per instructions 1 minute and rinsed it off my skin. My skin wasn't left red and flaky but, it was left clearer and it had evened out my skin tone. After using this a few time I noticed my skin getting clearer. I was quite impressed. I would use this product a couple of times a week but, am very happy with this product. I would definitely purchase this.

  • Reviewer: Annibaby (Doncaster, Australia) c/o: Beauty Heaven
  • Age: 33
  • Posted: May 04, 2009

Salon Strength!!

This is a little bottle that packs a huge punch and literally one drop per night will be the difference between rough lackluster skin and the skin you have always wished for. This contains a whopping 25% glycolic acid that is the strength most salons use for a professional peel but because this contains Aloe Vera to counteract potential irritation, it is definitely tolerable. The company recommends that if you have hypersensitive skin, it may be washed off after one minute. I used this each night after cleansing and spread one drop over my entire face, avoiding the eye area. Once it dried I applied moisturiser over the top and by morning on the very first day I had already noticed an improvement in the texture of my skin. I was amazed after two weeks of continued use that my skin was clearer and blemishes had all but cleared up. Used in conjunction with their Eventone lightening cream my skin was looking better than it has in years!! It may be a small 15ml dropper bottle but because you only require one drop per night it does last a very long time and at $29.95 it is a great alternative to expensive in-salon treatments.

  • Reviewer: Beautylicious (Hawthorne, Australia) c/o: Beauty Heaven
  • Age: 34
  • Posted: May 01, 2009

Glyco Peel

I used this in conjunction with Eventone Lightening Cream & so far they have made a noticeable difference to my skin. The Glyco Peel in particular targeted my acne. When I started using this product I had quite a bad & rare breakout on my chin with about 4 or 5 different spots. I used the Glyco Peel every second day & by the end of the week my skin had cleared up. I have never used Gycolic Acid before, but found the solution mild enough to not cause any irritation but strong enough to yield results. On application there is a slight tingling sensation, but this subsides quickly. I'm so happy with this product & will definitely continue to use & purchase in the future.

  • Reviewer: mmmm (Kensington, Australia) c/o: Beauty Heaven
  • Age: 28
  • Posted: April 30, 2009

Glyco Peel

I was extremely excited to trial this Eventone product as I adore the Eventone range and have great results previously. Unfortunately the Glyco Peel did not impress me as much. As I have combination skin I started applying the peel every night after I cleansed. After 2 days of this I noticed that on every pimple or blemish on my face there was a red circle around it, that made my skin look very irritated. Although my skin felt very smooth and soft, it looked rather inflamed. I then cut back to using the peel every second night and had the same problem. I now use the peel once a week and I am having greater results. My skin looks clear and refreshed and very smooth, though I have been following my peel with an application of the Eventone Lightening Cream, which may have also contributed to my results.

  • Reviewer: Cosmetics Girl (Ingleburn, Australia) c/o: Beauty Heaven
  • Age: 28
  • Posted: April 30, 2009

Glyco Peel

This serum claims to provide a dramatic skin renewal by reducing fine lines, surface discolouration and dull skin appearance, leaving the skin eventoned and blemish free with just a few drops at night ?With only a drop or two required, even this tiny bottle will last a long time. ?Having combination to oily skin I attempted using the serum nightly. After initial application, the skin had a slight tingling sensation, which however quickly disappeared. Using this serum nightly for a period of over a week didn’t cause any irritation what so ever. It left my skin feeling slightly softer, smother and with a glow after the fist few uses (but I was also enjoying late starts and sleep-ins during the this period!!!), but the fine lines on my forehead have remained, as has the uneven skin tone with the darker sun spots above my lip, and my blemishes and imperfections are also still there. ?It may be that this peel requires a longer trial period to show its true effect and even out the skin tone, and while I will continue to use it nightly – my initial opinion is that it does not provide the dramatic results it claims to be able to.

  • Reviewer: Princess Fiona1 (Keysborough, Australia) c/o: Beauty Heaven
  • Age: 38
  • Posted: April 29, 2009

Even Out Your Skin With Glyco Peel

I used the Glyco Peel every second day. It came supplied with its own pipette dropper. I would place 2 drops of the clear cool liquid on my face before I applied the lightening cream and massaged it evenly over my face only. I chose not to use it on my neck as I don’t have freckles there and my skin there looks evened out in appearance. I did love the sensation of the cool liquid on my face I found it very refreshing and soothing. Every time I used it you could see the moisture for yourself immediately from the glow radiating from my skin.

On one occasion about the third time I applied the Glyco Peel, a couple of hours after applying it my whole face looked like I had been sunburnt. Even though my face was really reddened all over it wasn’t painful at all and after a few hours the redness abated. Because it only ever happened the once I didn‘t feel the need to stop using it.

The Glyco Peel may only be 15ml but take in mind it is a liquid that you only need to use once every 2 days or even once a week so the Glyco Peel should last you quite a long time. The Glyco Peel being 75% certified organic and its not used and experimented on animals at the expense of us beauty product lovers is a big plus for me on top of the cheap price tag that goes with it is another added bonus. Whether I will be buying this again I am unsure and will be making that decision once I have finished using it, as I need more time to see more results.

  • Reviewer: Flutter (Noarlunga Centre, Australia) c/o: Beauty Heaven
  • Age: 37
  • Posted: April 28, 2009

A great product for healthy, fresh looking skin

I really like this product. The first time I used it it stung a bit, so I washed it off after a minute. The second time I used it I tried putting a moisturiser over the top, which made it sting more. Now I just use it alone and it's fine. It does tend to be a bit sticky, so I use it at night. I'm amazed at how quickly my skin got used to it. Now when I put it on I get a little tingle and that's it. Since I've been using this, my skin looks a lot better, fresher and more healthy. I've even had people tell me that I'm looking really well and healthy. This is a great product, definitely worth purchasing.

  • Reviewer: GlossQueen (Scarborough, Australia) c/o: Beauty Heaven
  • Age: 36
  • Posted: April 28, 2009

A good glycolic peel

I have wanted to try this for a while, so when I received this product to try I was quite excited. I only use a drop of the acid to apply onto my skin. A little bit of this is enough to cover my entire face. It took about 20 seconds before my skin started to tingle and become a bit irritated. I rinsed it off after a minute and noticed that my skin wasn't red. It actually looked less red. It left my skin smooth and took away the flakiness in my skin. I would only use this twice a week as i find it a bit irritating to use everyday or ever second day. What I love about this product is that it had diminished my acne marks and left my with clearer skin.

  • Reviewer: Annibaby (Doncaster, Australia) c/o: Beauty Heaven
  • Age: 33
  • Posted: April 28, 2009

Glyco Peel

I have olive skin and am prone to blemishes and pigmentation. I have been using your Glyco-Peel (2 drops every night) for approximately 2 months or less, and have noticed amazing results! My skin feels smoother and definitely looks more even toned. I have also not had any “Break-outs”, as I used to get a couple of nasty spots once a month.

  • A. Sher (Chapel Hill QLD)
  • Statutory Declaration, signed by a Justice of the Peace

Glyco Peel

Firstly I would like to thank you for providing an affordable, effective and excellent range of skincare products. I have been purchasing products from John Plunkett for several years now and will continue to do so, as I am very pleased with your products. I regularly use the Eventone Intensive Peel (now named Glyco Peel). I use this 25% Glycolic Acid regularly and love the freshness I feel afterwards. I would be very disappointed if you were to stop producing this product, as it is my favourite among your selection.

  • T. Ritchie (Don TAS)

I am writing to you about your Eventone Intensive and Gentle Peels. I have a lot of sun damage from my teenage years, and my son, who is only 21, has bad acne scarring from his teenage years. About 3 weeks ago, a friend of mine suggested that I use this product - she said it made her skin feel wonderful. My sons face is clearing up, and my pigmentation is slowly going lighter - I wish I had taken photographs, because the difference is really noticeable.

  • AG. West Sunshine VIC

On a recent visit to Australia my sister bought the Eventone Intensive Peel and gave me a bottle - I have been extremely happy with how the serum has affected my skin. It has noticeably improved the tone of my facial skin and reduced the signs of aging around my eyes and mouth. Unfortunately I have not been able to find the product in Las Vegas - can I get it over the net?

  • NS. Las Vega USA

Just recently I cam across the new and beautiful range of John Plunkett's Skincare, in particular the Eventone range of products. I think the range is quiet extensive, which is good, when the problems with skin are varied. The Intensive Peel, which is my favourite, has worked well so far, and the visible improvement is astonishing. I am more than delighted with the range and effectiveness of John Plunkett products.

  • ML. Harrow Terrace SA

Looking for a product that actually delivers when trying to correct pigmentation marks is hard, but your product really works. I have been using a combination of both your Lightening Cream with Moisturiser, and Gentle Peel, to get rid of my pregnancy marks. The marks have slowly, and steadily faded away. Thank you for a product, that is suitable even for my skin, and at only a fraction of the cost of going to a beauticians.

  • HB. Wedderburn NSW

I would like to share my story about the products that I have been using in the Eventone range. My skin was feeling rough, uneven, dull and I was getting break-outs on my chin and forehead, mainly due to hormone fluctuations, but also due to the fact that could not find the right product that could make my skin feel soft and smooth, and help my moisturiser work more efficiently (in that I mean, not just sit on the surface of my skin).

I read about Eventone in a magazine and since I had seriously considered having dermabrasion I thought I would try the Glyco Peel product in Eventone as it had a higher concentration in Glycolic Acid (25%), more than any product I have seen available for purchase in a pharmacy or store.

As soon as I tried it I felt a tingling sensation, which actually felt strange at first, but it only tingled on my breakout areas and bumps etc on my face, and after about 5 seconds it went away. Immediately after the Glyco Peel had been absorbed into my skin I could not believe how amazingly soft and smooth my skin was.  My moisturiser went straight into my skin and I found I only needed half as much moisturiser, which was fantastic.  The next morning my breakout had vanished, which really got me hooked!

I have used many expensive creams, lotions and potions and I am so impressed with this product I wanted to write this testimonial, as it is a true story. There are so many products on the market it is very hard to know what to choose, but I believe that it is trial and error and the more feed-back that is given about a product the better, because it is rare to find that “one” product that you just can’t stop using. All I can say is “Congratulations John Plunkett for making such brilliant products for specific major concerns, including firming and lifting”.

  • TP (Adelaide)


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