Unwanted pigmentation is found in over 90% of Australian women over 18 years of age. This pigmentation usually appears as age spots, hormonal marks and freckles, as well as uneven pigmentation due to over-exposure to the sun.

Brown skin blemishes and freckles occur when excessive pigmentation has resulted from the influence of sun exposure, hormonal variation or skin type. Melanocytes in the epidermis produce melanin as a natural defense to protect skin against UV rays.

However, repeated or heavy exposure to UV-B rays can make the melanocytes lose their ability to distribute pigmentation evenly, so that dark spots appear on the skin.


Australian pharmacist, John Plunkett, discovered that a synergistic process of effectively blocking pigment production together with exfoliating unwanted surface pigmentation was able to achieve excellent results in correcting pigmentation problems. He formulated Superfade Cream, which has become Australia’s only clinically proven pigmentation fading pharmacy medicine. 


Superfade Cream and Face Cream both contain a powerful fading agent, hydroquinone.  Hydroquinone has been proven to fade brown skin blemishes including freckles and age spots. Hydroquinone inhibits melanin production and works by disabling melanocytes, which produce melanin and can cause unwanted pigmentation.

sup-2015-range-web-mini.jpgTHE SUPERFADE RANGE

Treat pigmentation with:

Accelerate results by adding the use of:

Protect your skin from producing further pigmentation by using a sunscreen:


  • If a pigmented spot or mole has recently become darker, changed colour becomes itchy or bleeds do not use this product on it and see your doctor immediately. 
  • Do not use on children. 
  • Do not use near eyes.
  • Dark skinned people should avoid long term and repeated use to lighten overall colour as this could result in hyper pigmentation of the skin.
  • Mild irritation may occur, stop use if it becomes severe. 
  • If fading is not evident within 3 months, seek doctor’s advice. 
  • Avoid exposure to the sun.
  • This product may darken on exposure to air, but this does not affect its efficacy. 
  • This product contains sulphites.
  • Always read the label. 
  • Use only as directed. 
  • Available only from Pharmacies (S2).
  • Use Superfade Sunscreen SPF30+ on any exposed skin.