About Us


Plunkett Pharmaceuticals is an Australian owned company dedicated to producing high quality problem-solving health and beauty products operating for over thirty five years.  

Plunkett Pharmaceuticals consists of 3 main categories, under which various brands and ranges sit. They include:


  • Superfade (The pigmentation specialist, in production for over 30 years)
  • Advanced Cosmeceuticals (Primarily for facial skincare)
  • Skin Treatments (Therapeutic skincare)

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  • 99% Aloe Vera (a range using certified organic aloe vera)
  • Vita E (High Potency Natural Vitamin E enriched with rosehip oil)
  • Nutri-Synergy (NS): Body, Lips, Hands and Nails
  • NS-8 Natural Footcare (Heels and Legs)
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Sorbolence (with 10% glycerine)
  • Deo Fresh (aluminium-free deodorants for under-arms, feet and footwear)

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  • Over 30 years’ service to Australian pharmacies.
  • Our products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Our brands represent excellent value.
  • Our products are problem solving, tried and tested.


Plunkett Pharmaceuticals does not test its products on animals, nor do we commission other companies to do so on our behalf.  However, we do test our finished products on willing volunteers including our staff, family and friends.


The name  ‘Plunkett’ is well-known and respected within the Pharmacy profession of Australia. John Plunkett spent over 40 years as a practising pharmacist during which time he served as President of the Pharmaceutical Society of New South Wales.

John Plunkett graduated in 1938 as a Pharmacist, acquiring his first pharmacy in 1946. In 1963, John purchased his next pharmacy in Avalon, a beautiful location on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. In 1983 he expanded with Plunkett’s Pharmacy in Mona Vale (also located on the Northern Beaches) and established Sunspot Products Pty Ltd to produce Australian problem-solving skin care products specifically for the harsh Australian climate, conditions and lifestyle.

Mona Vale Beach, Sydney, NSW photo4jpg.jpg

Initially, John devoted his time to formulating a cream to help treat the scaly 'unsightly' sunspots (scientifically known as Solar Keratosis) on the backs of his wife, Betty's hands, which were the result of time spent in the sun playing outdoor sports.

The product worked! Soon he was making it (Sunspot Cream) for his friends. “I wish I had thought about it years ago” he has been known to have said.  Soon John found that some people were buying it and using it to fade age spots as well (brown pigmentation marks and freckles). The inventive John realised that some fine-tuning of his original cream was necessary for use on age-spots and soon the most successful product John Plunkett’s “Superfade” was born.

The Superfade Brand is Punkett Pharmaceuticals’ Biggest Success

John Plunkett embraced the new challenge. He developed the formulation in the back of his pharmacy with the goal to help the skin problems of the sun-loving local community, into an Australia-wide commercial success.

With both sons Warwick and David at the helm of his skin care company, John took a back seat and retired. Warwick followed in his father’s footsteps and also went on to become the President of the Pharmaceutical Society of New South Wales. The first time that a father and son have ever held this prestigious position.

The Plunkett Family with Staff 1990, David Plunkett still works for the Company