17th May 2019


Vitamin E oil is a natural ingredient with strong restorative properties and is found in many beauty products to help treat skin, hair and many health issues. One of the main reasons why Vitamin E has become so widely used is because of its ability to work with the skin to improve elasticity. It’s also versatile and provides other benefits for everyday use such as treating minor burns, stimulating hair growth and soften the appearance of stretch marks.

What is Vitamin E exactly? and how can we incorporate it in our beauty routine? To find out the 6 beneficial uses of Vitamin E and how it can be used to protect against damage and promote growth, continue reading.

What is Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is an antioxidant and essential nutrient that helps reduce free radical damage and protects the body’s cells. This fat-soluble ingredient has also been known to maintain healthy skin, fight against ageing and inflammation.

  • 1.Reduce free radical damage

Our body generates hundreds of substances called ‘free radicals’ when converting food to energy. They can also be generated by over-exposure of the sun’s rays and environmental exposure. Free radicals weaken and break down healthy cells, which may contribute to diseases and accelerate ageing. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant that protects cells by preventing or delaying the damaging effects of free radicals. Vitamin E is present in nuts, seeds, vegetables, whole grains and fish oils but can also be applied as a topical treatment by using pure Vitamin E oil.

Vitamin E promotes the repair process in the skin that’s been damaged by free radicals. It’s absorbed by the outer layer of the epidermis and can be used to treat minor burns and sunburn. Because antioxidants aid in cell regeneration, Vitamin E can also help with uneven skin tone, acne and wrinkles, leaving you with a more radiant and youthful glow.

  • 2.Stimulates hair growth

Want thicker and longer hair? Vitamin E oil is super beneficial for hair growth and shine. Dull and frizzy hair is a result of damaged hair. When the protective layer on the outside the hair’s cuticle is removed, it loses its shine and becomes unmanageable. Vitamin E oil helps replace that protective layer and bring back shine.

To stimulate hair growth, add a few drops of oil and massage into your scalp for instant results of voluminous hair. By massaging Vitamin E oil into the scalp it will improve blood circulation. This stimulates the sebum in the hair, aiding the process of hair growth and leaving you with shinier looking hair. It has also been known to support a healthy scalp and give your hair a strong base to grow by preserving the protective lipid layer.

  • 3.Reduce skin itching

In some cases, rashes can last for an extended period of time, often leaving you feeling uncomfortable. Vitamin E is a fantastic natural ingredient to provide comfort to dry and irritated skin. It can help relieve itchy skin by moisturising and improving the texture of your skin. Vitamin E works to soothe the skin in addition to reducing the overall rash appearance.

  • 4.Restores stretch marks and scars

Another popular use of Vitamin E is to help soften stretch marks, especially post pregnancy and other scars. According to the Mayo Clinic Dermatology department, early application of Vitamin E is the best way to avoid stretch marks from scarring. Vitamin E oil helps boosts collagen production (the tissue that aids in the elasticity of your skin). The more collagen you have, the less susceptible your skin will be to tears and stretch marks. This is because Vitamin E supports new skin cell growth and speeds up the process of cell regeneration.

  • 5.Treats minor burns

One of the more painful woes are minor burns caused by everyday lifestyle behaviours. Vitamin E is a natural treatment for soothing skin and is a natural remedy to treat minor burns that do no require medical treatment. Vitamin E’s antioxidant properties soothe the blistered skin and are effective in preventing infections. If your skin is blistered or slightly burnt, first soak it in cool water to take away some of the heat from the skin. Then, apply a generous amount of Vitamin E oil to reduce inflammation. Make sure the area is dry as Vitamin E oil is best absorbed by dry skin.

  • 6.Moisturise and nourish dry skin

If you want to improve the texture and softness of your skin, Vitamin E is the key ingredient for your skincare routine. Use a moisturiser containing Vitamin E to harness its antioxidant properties to help protect against ageing free radicals and keep your skin nourished. After being absorbed into the skin, the antioxidant works with the skin and improves skin elasticity. The natural form of Vitamin E has also been proven to minimise the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

When used properly and incorporated as part of your regular skin care routine, Vitamin E can help restore the skin naturally, keeping you moisturised and hydrated as well as stimulating cell regeneration from within.

With the endless amount of health and skincare benefits of Vitamin E, it’s no wonder that so many beauty products contain this powerful ingredient. Here is our wonderful Vita E range containing natural Vitamin E to cater for all your needs:

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