As we approach Australia Day, we look at the reasons Australian made family skincare by John Plunkett is woven into the fabric of the Australia community. John Plunkett’s skin treatments are well loved by Aussies, for their proven results addressing a variety of skin concerns typically experienced by Australians.

Plunkett’s skincare has been around for generations and their longevity exceeds that of their competition with tried and trusted skincare products for the whole family. Plunkett’s have been supplying 3600+ pharmacies across Australia with clinically tested and proven skincare treatments for 36 years.

The founder of the Australia made brand, John Plunkett had an entrepreneurial spirit and a dedication to solving skin concerns experienced by his wife Betty. She had sunspots across her hands from spending time outdoors. He decided to create a cream to counter these blemishes. Sunspot cream was the first product he put into production back in 1980’s and the origins of the Plunkett’s brand were born.

John established Sunspot Products Pty Ltd in 1983 to produce Australian problem-solving skin care products specifically for the harsh Australian climate, conditions and the consequences of Aussie’s outdoor lifestyle.

John Plunkett was one of the first manufacturers in Australia. He took the active ingredients and used them at the percentages being proven to produce the results on the skin. He started using what we regard as the therapeutic levels of these proven ingredients.

Then in 2008 Plunkett’s purchased another Australian skincare company in South Australian founded by another Australian pharmacist which brought into the range the Nutri-Synergy for dry, itchy and irritated skin, including NS8 Heel Balm and the 99% Pure Aloe Vera gels.

Superior formulations jammed packed with active ingredients give our skin caring community effective skincare solutions. Plunkett’s specialise in skincare products from head to toe, which not only do no harm, they actively do some good for your skin and well being.

What set’s Plunkett’s skincare apart

The biggest difference with Plunkett’s Skincare products is what we put in. We absolutely jam pack them full of active ingredients. We like to use practical packaging for on the pharmacy shelf and at genuinely reasonable prices. Retaining an in house focus on design, packaging and advertising, Plunkett’s give customers better value with our products and not in celebrity endorsement and media hype.

With the proven levels of active ingredients, Plunkett’s products really do good for our customers skin.

Plunkett’s Skincare is proudly made in Australia

We don’t test our products on animals. Plunkett’s skincare range is available in pharmacies and in our web shop at They are also exported to many countries

3 stand out differences with Plunkett’s Skincare products:

  • 1.Honest to our philosophy; using ingredients that really make a difference to our customers skin.
  • 2.Australian owned and made.
  • 3.Small independent company, flexible and quick to release skincare to market.

Plunkett’s commitment to customer satisfaction

Superior Formulations - Effective Solutions

  • 36 years’ service to Australian pharmacies.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Excellent value.
  • Clinically proven results
  • Problem solving, tried and tested products.

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