24th Jan 2019


When there’s a plethora of products out there, all competing for your cash and your choice, it’s easy to overlook what’s best for you. Supermarkets, store chains, or super brand collective stores may not be the ideal place to find solutions to sensitive skin, soap alternatives, cosmeceuticals and problem skin treatments. You can’t go past our Australian pharmacies and chemists for their breadth of knowledge to treat your particular skin problems. You’re directed to the aisle and even to a product. So, here’s a dedicated blog post to help you out in your decision-making process selecting the solution that’s right for you.

Australian made for sensitive skin solutions

Remember that the concentrations in mass market skincare products may be lower than those found in pharmacies, and because they’re often filled with fillers. Pharmacies specialise and have dedicated skincare for your sensitive skin. The ingredients in our Plunkett’s NS skincare range have gone through extensive testing and are highly effective at addressing itchy, irritated, inflamed, dry and sensitive skin. You care for your children’s delicate skin and with the NS range featuring natural ingredients, they work in harmony with your skin’s balance.

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Australian made cosmeceuticals

It’s good to use an Australian made moisturiser and John Plunkett Cosmeceuticals contain the actives at therapeutic levels of carefully chosen active ingredients.

How it works

The combined power of hyaluronic filling spheres, deliver hyaluronic acid to the skin and Matrixyl 3000 delivers the visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Matrixyl 3000 in the Collagen Lift Moisturiser helps repairs photo aging caused by repeated exposure to UV.

As we age, our natural collagen production slows down. Drinking plenty of water is vital to healthy skin as this hydration is delivered to the skin, to help retain moisture at the skin level, when working in unison with a collagen boosting moisturiser. You can improve your skin’s natural production of collagen by using John Plunkett’s Collagen Lift Moisturiser.

To refine pores and fine lines, plus reduce surface discolouration, use John Plunkett’s Glyco Peel – it works like a laser to resurface your skin. By applying it nightly Glyco Peel exfoliates effectively as it has salon strength glycolic acid (25%) in a buffered solution for you to easily apply at home. The glycolics gently dissolve dull, damaged surface skin cells to reveal brighter, clearer new skin without visible peeling. Lactokine protects against potential inflammation and Aloe Vera hydrates.

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Australian made Vitamin E

When it comes to treating stretchmarks and scars, you could choose supermarket mainstream brands, but they may not have the concentrations of Vitamin E that work to effectively target the problem. Plunkett’s Vita E range has the highest concentrations of pure, natural Vitamin E. Choose these from your pharmacy or online to treat all the family’s damaged skin, scarring, minor burns and irritations to restore skin’s healthy surface. You’ll find the concentrations of Vitamin E in the Vita E range are best to suit the skins healing process. Look for the IU values:

  1. Plunkett’s Vita E High Potency (100 IU) per gram Natural Vitamin E Cream
  2. Plunkett’s Vita E Oil Concentrated High Potency (910 IU) per gram
  3. Plunkett’s Vita E High Potency (150 IU) per gram Intensive Vitamin E Ointment

IU = international units – standard measure of the biological effect of a specific vitamin

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Australian made for problem skincare

NS Natural Dermatology

When it comes to skin problems including very dry skin, caused by skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis as well as other dermatological skin problems, you can relieve of the itch, irritation, inflammation, and heat generated by these conditions by using products in the NS (Nutri-Synergy) range. NS natural dermatology brings together the best of natural & organic Ingredients synergistically combined, for the best possible outcome, to provide relief from dry, sensitive and problem skin.

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Australian made Aloe Vera Gel & Spray 

Rule out the packs on the supermarket shelves or in the big budget stores, for certified organic Aloe Vera in the highest concentration. Read our blog “Don’t be fooled” which explains what to look out for. Head to your pharmacy or online as Plunkett’s 99% Pure Aloe Vera is certified organic, so works to better soothe sunburn, cool the heat your body generates after being in the sun, and it also to restore moisture. As Aloe Vera is nature’s medicine plant its extremely popular, so we’ve listed multiple ways you can use our range to complement your hair and skincare routine in our blog post here.

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Australian Made Soap Alternatives


Washing with soaps is very drying on the skin. You can avoid using soaps altogether, by switching to a wholly natural Australian made soap alternative. Plunkett’s NS Soap Free Wash and NS Sensitive Skin Cleanser are ideal for all the family to use for hand washing, bathing, showering and even baby or bed baths. There are no soaps or sulphate surfactants in the NS soap free range and are therefore one of the purest, cleanest alternatives to soap.

The NS range is recommended for mature skin where age related illnesses impair the body’s immune system, where you prefer not to expose your skin to unnatural irritants. NS Sensitive Cleanser is ideal for bath time with baby, as it has a no tear formula, contains no perfumes or detergents and is petroleum free, unlike supermarket brands which include these elements.

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Australian Made for Pigmentation 

The Superfade range works to help fade many of types of discolouration, often referred to as age spots, dark marks, freckles, hyperpigmentation and sun damage associated with continued exposure to UV. Superfade also helps fade brown marks and hormone marks. Read more about how to apply the cream, and all further details on our Superfade page. John Plunkett Dark Spot Eraser (part of the advanced cosmeceuticals range) will visibly lighten dark spots and is available to Australian customers online and in pharmacies. It’s a day and night serum containing multiple active ingredients which work together for perfectly even skin tone.

John Plunkett’s Sunspot Cream helps in the removal of raised rough blemishes that are small in area that are usually red or white. See our description on the Sunspot page and to purchase.

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Plunkett Pharmaceuticals does not test its products on animals, nor do we commission other companies to do so on our behalf. However, we do test our finished products on willing volunteers including our staff, family and friends.

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