20th Feb 2019


It’s a lot easier than you imagine. There are four basic aspects to do a simple skincare routine to ensure you’re looking after your skin.

Protect  -  Moisturise  - Exfoliate - Repair


The sun causes the most damage to our skin on a daily basis, therefore we all need to use a sunscreen to protect against harmful UV rays which cause dark spots, brown marks and uneven skin tone and more.

In general, most sun damage is caused before the age of 20, but it’s easy to overlook the fact that sun exposure is cumulative. Each day we’re out in the elements, were adding to the time we’ve already been in the sun. Therefore, our skin develops more freckles, brown marks, a darker and more uneven colour over time. Sun exposure also generates changes in the connective tissue of the skin. More sun means more wrinkles and more dehydration. Elastin which is part of the skin's matrix, and is degraded by sun damage, then leads to wrinkling.

The best form of protection from damaging UV rays is a sunscreen applied daily. Make sure you consider using it, even if you are outside for a short time, just hanging out the washing! More sun means more wrinkles and more dehydration. Sun exposure generates changes in the connective tissues of the skin. Elastin which is part of the skin’s collagen, is degraded by sun damage which then leads to wrinkling. In general, most sun damage is caused before the age of 20. Just keeping the skin hydrated and protected from the sun exposure is vital to reduce damage.

So, it’s important to moisturise your skin twice a day. Use an SPF factor moisturiser in the mornings for sun protection and a moisturising cream at night, depending on your skin type you may need one for normal skin or dry skin.


Moisturising the skin morning and night is important. Hydration is also key as hydrated skin looks younger. That means by drinking plenty of water you’re giving your skin back moisture lost each day to drying out, air conditioning at work or in exercising, where you deplete your body of water by perspiration. Hydrated skin looks a lot more moist, plumper and younger. When pinching the back of the hand you can get an indication of your hydration as it will quickly fall back if hydrated, or slowly fall back if dehydrated.

John Plunkett Super Wrinkle – for dry skin

Plunketts Super Wrinkle cream includes Vitamin C, which is known to brighten, smooth and firm skin. Vitamin E helps skin retain moisture and elasticity, while Super Wrinkle Cream’s anti-ageing peptides including Argireline, phytostearols and dermoproteins promote skin’s production of collagen to soften lines and plump skin. Argireline independently is known internationally for its also ability to improve the common occurrence of facial fold lines around the forehead and eyes and like botox it reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Argireline is an anti-ageing peptide trademarked by Spanish company Lipotec.

John Plunkett Collagen Lift Moisturiser – for normal to dry skin

The biggest boost to reduce fine lines and wrinkles is by keeping your skin moisturised with a collagen generating formula. The hyaluronic filling spheres in Collagen Lift Moisturiser expand in the skin to visibly reduce the appearance of dynamic facial lines. The hyaluronic spheres increase water content to plump and restore skin to a fuller, smoother and more rehydrated appearance, while the addition of natural avocado and rosehip oil deeply nourishing the skin. Collagen Lift Moisturiser includes the powerful peptide Matrixyl 3000 at the clinically proven concentration to reduce wrinkles by 45% in just 2 months by stimulating natural collagen production to plump and smooth skin. It also assists with repairing UV damage and improves skin's elasticity and density.

John Plunkett Protective Day Cream with SPF 15 – for dry skin

Suitable for dry skin, this rich antioxidant moisturiser contains potent moisturisers, vitamins and sunscreen. It provides protection against Australia’s harsh conditions. John Plunkett Protective Day Cream also contains Hualramine, avocado and calendula oils to hydrate and repair. Antioxidant Vitamins A + E protect from the ageing effects of free radical damage. Vitamin F also known as linoleic acid is an omega 6 essential fatty acid, which plays a crucial role in skin regeneration. Broad spectrum sunscreens protect against UVA and UVB sun damage. Hyaluramine is able to bind 1800 its own weight in water to increase hydration. Hyaluramine is able to bind with water in the skin to plump and hydrate combating fine lines and wrinkles. So skin is protected from sun damage and delays photo-ageing, whilst hydration is restored.


You should be exfoliating your skin to lift dry skin, dissolve dull and damaged skin cells to reveal fresh skin. By exfoliating you reduce the fine lines, skin discolouration and reduce pore size. The absolute best and easiest way to exfoliate, is to use a simple chemical exfoliator. Dermatologists recommend Glycolic Acid on your skin at night. Glycolic Acid’s action clears away that outer dead layer of skin revealing the fresher more beautiful skin underneath. 

John Plunkett Glyco Peel

Glyco Peel is an overnight exfoliator which refines pores and fine lines, plus it reduced surface discolouration.

You could go to a salon for a peel, but why not try a salon strength peel treatment at home? By using the Glyco Peel from John Plunkett several nights a week, you can avoid the cost of expensive salon visits for abrasive peels, dermabrasion, laser or fillers. Leave Glyco Peel on under your night moisturiser, or for sensitive skin, rinse off after 1 minute. This clear serum only needs a couple of drops applied to the fingers, then gently spread across the face, ensuring to avoid the eye area. It’s like laser resurfacing and its salon strength.


A good skincare routine should include skin repair. All women over the age of 20 need to boost collagen to help restore the skin. Daily exposure to free radicals and sun causes skin damage and the best way to repair the skin is to boost collagen. Our repair treatments address specific areas of the skin to target specific repair caused by free radicals and sun damage.

John Plunkett Dark Spot Eraser

This light and highly concentrated serum is specifically formulated to visibly lighten dark spots. Synovea HR works deep in the skin to control pigmentation by targeting brown spots and dark marks. Synovea also protects against oxidative and sun damage, preserving collagen and reducing roughness and dryness. The potent combination of Niacinamide and Glucosamine helps regulate melanin and Salicylic Acid helps remove surface skin cells through exfoliation. Aloe Vera acts as to soothe, cool and smooth. In just 4 weeks your skin will feel smoother and in 8 weeks you will see more even skin tone.

John Plunkett Collagen Eye Lift

John Plunkett Collagen Eye Lift contains two potent peptides. Matrixyl 3000 is a regenerative peptide that boosts collagen and elastin generation in the skin to produce firm and lifted skin. It improves skin’s elasticity and reduces the appearance of dynamic facial lines and static facial lines which we associate with ageing. Eyeseryl helps keep skin stronger and more elastic, fighting the cause of puffy eye bags and dark circles. Hyaluronic Acid is a cushioning hydrator that plumps up the delicate skin. Rosehip Oil naturally softens skin, improving elasticity.

The John Plunkett Advanced Cosmeceuticals range has skincare specifically dedicated to these 4 simple but important steps to bring back younger looking skin.

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