3rd Apr 2019


What causes cracked heels?

You are probably wondering what causes unsightly cracked heels? 

Cracked heels are usually caused by dehydration.  Dehydration can be a big factor in making your skin prone to being dry. Drinking plenty of water each day to keep your body properly hydrated is extremely important, and regularly moisturise your feet too, daily, if you can. It is sometimes easier said than done in the cooler months.

Heel cracks can be made worse by the cold winter weather and an unhealthy diet (your skin needs lots of vitamins and nutrients in order to stay healthy), wearing shoes that do not fit correctly or soaking in a hot bath for too long can contribute to cracked heels. 

Having diabetes can also add to the problem, and so can your age as skin loses its ability to stretch with age. Heel cracks are more common as you get older.

Cracked Heel Home Remedies 

There are many different home remedies that you could try to fix your dry heel problem like soaking your feet in warm water and lemon juice or vinegar - the acidic property in lemons or the vinegar can be very effective in softening rough skin that leads to cracking.

There are two further methods you can use to treat cracked heels. Removal of the hard skin surrounding the cracks, or re-hydration of the skin, or a combination of both techniques. 

If you are after a fast and effective solution to your dry and cracked heels you can try NS-8 Heel Balm and feel the difference in just 1 day.

NS-8 Heel Balm - its ingredients and benefits for cracked heels

NS-8 Heel Balm Complex is a non-greasy, intensive cream formulation which absorbs quickly, and spreads easily to provide fast relief for very dry, rough, cracked, or thickened heels and feet.

NS-8 contains natural extracts, vitamins, moisturisers and exfoliants that work in synergy to remove thickened skin and raise moisture levels to give you soft, smooth heels.

FEEL THE DIFFERENCE IN 1 DAY - Fast Relief from painful cracked heels - Fast Acting - soft, smooth heels within days - No Slipping in Shoes - fast absorbing - No Sliding on Floors  - non-greasy - No need for Foot Files - as the ingredients do all the work and natural exfoliants remove thickened skin 

RECOMMENDED BY PODIATRISTS AND DIABETES EDUCATORS - Restores very dry, rough, cracked heels and feet - Exfoliates thickened or calloused heels and feet - Smooths rough skin on elbows, arms, knees and legs - Diabetic dry skin on feet

Massage a small amount into heels and feet at least twice a day until restored. Then use twice a week to maintain condition. The formulation is concentrated so a little amount goes a long way.

Within days you will have banished those cracked heels and keep them at bay for the future!

HYDRATES, SOFTENS, SMOOTHES AND EXFOLIATES Very Dry, Rough, Cracked or Thickened Heels and Feet.  

Below are examples of before and after photos of heels that have been treated with NS-8 Heel Balm.