19th Apr 2019


Plunketts Pharmaceuticals have been leaders in the Australian market for many years when it comes too pigmentation removal. One of the most frequently asked questions is:

What is the best way to remove unwanted pigmentation?

The answer really depends on what is important to you.

  • Cost
  • Time
  • Effort
  • Down-Time
  • Effectivness
  • How Quickly You Want Results

So we have put a little guide together on what options there are when it comes to pigmentation removal. So whether you have a serious pigmentation problem or just a few spots you would like to fade away but don't know what your options are, then read on...


What is Laser Therapy?

A specially designed laser is used to absorbed the cells containing excessive concentrations of pigment. It does not affect the surrounding tissues or remove the normal skin colour. The light pulses produced by the laser remove the pigment in a specific area.

Laser Therapy Cons

Laser resurfacing can be tricky because the more aggressive the treatment, the bigger the potential for side effects. Some side effects include permanent lightening of the skin (hypopigmentation), darkening of the skin (hyperpigmentation), scarring and/or a lot of downtime. It can take three weeks or more to recover from the treatment. Some cases have seen redness which lasts for some months.

It is important to choose a laser clinic carefully as skilled operators can reduce the risks, but inexperienced operators are more likely to laser inappropriately or cause unnecessary pain or skin damage. Be sure to follow post-treatment instructions carefully.

The price is also another downside. Laser treatments starts at $90 per mark per session. Some clinics recommend up to 12 sessions. So costs of laser can be more than $1000.

From the research we have done and some of the comments for me the negatives of laser outweigh the positives. Take a look at this quote from skinacea:

"I really regret getting this laser treatment because it made my skin so much worse when it wasn't even that bad to begin with. 1 laser treatment + 10 days of downtime = 5 months of severe breakout city + months of pink-toned/scarred skin + lots of self-regret and emotional distress."

Laser Therapy Pros

Unfortunately the only pro for laser therapy is it's a widely offered option for pigmentation and there are some great before and after photos. One that we were most impressed with was by  Sharron Farrell  Her before and after photos are impressive and her video is a great testimonial.

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a form of deep exfoliation. It removes the topmost layer of the skin, Microdermabrasion works by gently buffing over the skin surface and vacuuming the dead skin away.

Microdermabrasion Cons

While you will notice a slight difference after one application. Best results are seen after a series of treatments. A series of 6 to 8 treatments on a regular basis of 4-6 weeks apart are recommended or until you have achieved desired result. A 15-minute session costs about $60, half an hour costs $80 so the price of microdermabrasion can add up quickly. Again careful selection of a clinic is vital.

The treatment only promises a lightening of the skin doesn't work at a deep level in the epidermis. So your results may only be short lived and may reappear after being in the sun.

Microdermabrasion Pros

Regular treatments will help signs of ageing by softening lines, lightening of age spots and stimulating the elastic tissue beneath the surface aiding in collagen reproduction.

Microdermabrasion treatments will give you basic instant results and is perfect for those who can’t afford any downtime as it is non-invasive. Even though there’s no downtime with this treatment you’ll be able to physically feel and see the difference. The skin is temporarily pink but will subside. You can return to work immediately after treatment or may go out later that evening.

"My skin’s complexion has become much smoother overall. I feel so much more confident now, and will happily go to the shops without any make up on, which is something I never would’ve considered before."

- Lucy Conlon

Medicated Pigmentation Correction

What is Hydroquinone Cream?

Hydroquinone inhibits melanin production and works by disabling the melanocytes that cause pigmentation. Basically, hydroquinone tells the cells that create the excess colour to tone it down. The disabling action stops the movement of melanin and therefore your flat, brown marks begin to fade. Hydroquinone cream is a pharmacy only medication in Australia.

Hydroquinone Cons
The downside to hydroquinone cream is that this strong prescriptive medicine has been known to irritate some skin types. When using Superfade follow the directions and allow at least 6-8 weeks to see results. As always if you start to see an irritation stop using it. Also Superfade should only be applied to the brown marks, not all over the skin, particularly on the face.

Hydroquinone Pros
Hydroquinone creams are a fast and effective way of reducing your pigmentation concerns. However, to really maximise the results they should be applied 2 or 3 times a day and a good exfoliating and sun protection routine is also recommended.  Read more on Superfade use here. Studies show results in 6 weeks so use hydroquinone cream if you have a serious pigmentation issue that you would like to remove effectively and quickly.

I just wanted to thank you for producing some wonderful products. I have had some brown marks on my face for several years, and have tried numerous products and treatments to get rid of them, but to no avail. Over the last 4 weeks, I have been using Superfade Original Cream and my brown marks have totally gone!! I am totally amazed, and feel like a different person; I am going out with little makeup on now. JUST INCREDIBLE!! Thank you. Thank you for changing my life.

Posted by C.Chapman on 16th May 2016

Cosmeceutical Skincare

What is Dark spot eraser?

Dark spot eraser was recently featured in body+soul and is a concentrated serum that is easily added to your regular skin routine. Applied before moisturiser we have loaded it with antioxidants and active ingredients that also help with signs of ageing. It visibly lightens uneven pigmentation for perfectly even skin tone.

Dark Spot Eraser Cons

Dark Spot eraser is designed as an ongoing maintenance and skincare booster that slowly works on your unwanted pigmentation.

Dark Spot Eraser Pros

It gently lightens the dark pigmentation. Studies show results after 12 weeks, so use Dark Spot Eraser if you would like an easy way to get even skin tone. This is the perfect option to choose if you want a easy, gentle and cost effective way of removing unwanted pigmentation.

Dark spot eraser is also loaded with other great active ingredients that target over 10 skin concerns. It is quick and easy to apply. So no side effects or downtime.

I've just recently started using this product, my face is heavily pigmented. I am amazed at how this has reduced my acne and started to show an instant change on my face. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who has bad pigmentation.

Posted by Yana 22nd Oct 2018

This works brilliantly!

Dark Spot Eraser works brilliantly! Using every day for some weeks, my driving hand is noticeably much improved. So much so, even my husband notice!!

Posted by Edith 5th Jul 2017

Dark Spot Eraser

So far and after about two weeks, am really pleased with this product. I have tried at least three others for my "age" spots and redness of my older skin and none of them did anything. My skin is clearing, the product goes on smoothly and feels great. Would definitely recommend it.

Posted by Divisha on 21st Jun 2016

I have tried a number of similar products with little or no results. Dark Spot Eraser has been effective with several darkish areas lightened and my skin actually feels softer. I love the airless pump.

Posted by Miranda on 26th May 2016

Whatever you choose you don't have to hide your skin under a layer of makeup and it doesn't have to be a painful or complicated process either. Our biggest tip when embarking on getting rid of dark spots is to wear sunscreen. It will reverse the damage instead of increasing it. Here is a quick comparison guide of your options when it comes to removing your unwanted pigmentation.

Price Results Time Frame Possible Side Effects Why We Like it
Laser Therapy $1000+ 2 months to 1 year Burning, hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation, downtime, excessive redness, breakouts Effective
Microdermabrasion $500+ 6 months to 1 year Breakouts, no long lasting results Quick fix
Hydroquinone Cream $30+ 6-8 weeks Possible skin irritation Fast and effective
Dark Spot Eraser $40+ 12 weeks and ongoing maintenance No reactions reported Gentle and ongoing

Whatever you choose you don't have to hide your skin under a layer of makeup and it doesn't have to be a painful or complicated process either. Our biggest tip when embarking on getting rid of dark spots is to wear sunscreen. It will reverse the damage instead of increasing it. Here is a quick comparison guide of your options when it comes to removing your unwanted pigmentation.

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