What is Vitamin E? 

Vitamin E helps skin retain natural moisture and eases dryness, softens and smoothes skin by replenishing moisture. So, if you are on the hunt for a skincare product that contains vitamin E, we wanted to give you the low down on what to look for when choosing a Vitamin E Cream.

Vitamin E has many benefits. We want you to have the best quality care for your skin, so how do you pick a good Vitamin E Cream, oil or ointment? 

Below we have listed our top 4 things to look for when choosing the right Vitamin E Cream.

1. Look for High IU Per Gram

IU stands for International Units per gram and tells you how much Vitamin E is in a product. Ultimately you want the highest potency Vitamin E Cream possible.

2. Check it has Active Ingredients

If you are taking the time to look after your skin why not boost your results. Look for products that have other good, natural and active ingredients. Avoid creams with lots of fillers. Fillers dilute the product and reduce the efficacy. We combine Vitamin E and rich Rosehip Oil to maximise your skincare results. Rosehip is rich in Vitamin A & C and essential fatty acids (Omega 3 & 6) helping to improve skin suppleness and elasticity and reduce the visible signs of ageing.

3. Fragrance & Paraben Free

Typically, if you are reaching for a Vitamin E skincare item then chances are you are conscious of sensitive skin issues so stay clear of fragrances and parabens in your Vitamin E cream to maximise the healing properties and to reduce irritation.

4. Australian Made Vitamin E Cream

Australians make some of the best products in the world, and when you buy Australian Made and Owned Vitamin E you're not only supporting our economy, but also getting a great quality product.

Our Australian made skincare has been manufactured to meet our high Australian standards, that means you can have confidence in the quality and know that whatever you are buying has been made with quality care.

Now you know what to look for, you can be confident that you are choosing the right Vitamin E Cream for you and your family