The Benefits of using a Sheet Mask

When it comes to face masks, there are a whole plethora of types to choose from, and include everything from wash-off masks, to overnight masks to sheet masks and beyond. And while in the past, using a face mask was seen as an infrequent indulgence, these days, more and more people are using them as part of an essential step in a holistic skin care routine.

Unlike many traditional face masks, sheet masks originate from South Korea – a country known for their diligence and dedication to cosmetics and skin care – and while they were almost unheard of outside south-east Asia until a few years ago, they’ve swiftly become one of 2018’s most prominent beauty trends.

Designed to supercharge your skin with moisture, and give it both a plumping finish and an instant glow, a sheet mask usually consists of a thin cotton sheet, soaked in a concentrated serum and an abundance of vitamins, amino acids and minerals for that all important dewy skin.

For anyone that has previously used a clay mask, or a face mask that peels off, they will know that such procedures can have a drying effect, leaving skin tight and sensitive to the touch. Sheet masks, on the other hand, are specifically devised to help plump, brighten and nourish skin without any drying side effects.

Sheet masks can deliver a whole host of impressive results; the more common ones being skin brightening, pore control and intense hydrating, and the serum in which they’re soaked can contain everything from aloe vera to vitamin c – to more unusual ingredients such as snail extract and seaweed.

And so, if you want a serious dose of hydration to your skin, few things will achieve better results than a sheet mask. Using a sheet mask helps increase the water content of your skin, and the sheet in the mask assists in sealing the nourishing ingredients, letting them better penetrate your skin.

For maximum benefits, simply leave the mask on your face for ten to fifteen minutes in order to allow your skin to absorb the serums nutrients, and to reap the best results for your skin. Afterwards, simply massage the excess product into your skin for optimum nourishment. As the masks are simply placed on top of the skin, these masks aren’t designed to exfoliate your skin, or to deeply cleanse it, but they will do wonders when it comes to nourishing your skin.

Another benefit of sheet masks is their portable nature. Dissimilar to face masks that come in tubes and pots which can be messy when it comes to both applying and removing the paste from your face, sheet masks have become a staple for many when flying and on the go, due to being both compact and thus so easy to transport. Because sheet masks come vacuum sealed, they’re extremely sanitary and their single serve packaging makes them hugely convenient to boot. And unlike traditional masks that require washing off, leaving the sheet mask’s serum on will deliver the ultimate in moisturised skin.  Why not try Plunkett's Hi-Potency Aloe Vera Soothing & Hydrating Facial Mask for a simple skin hydration boost. The ideal way to nourish your skin all year round.