12th Apr 2019


Have you ever ordered a coffee overseas only to be disappointed… it's nothing like the coffee in Australia, cue disappointment. In Australia we are renown for quality ingredients and quality baristas who take pride in giving you a little piece of coffee heaven. Yes there are some countries that do make a good coffee, but even still there is something to be said about something tailor made for you. Yes, It's made for us, the strength, the temperature, the flavour, is all designed for specifically for our Australian taste buds.

Some of us go to great lengths to get a good coffee, yet when it comes to skincare we just grab what's on special at a supermarket. If this is you, chances are you are grabbing the no-frills of skincare, it's probably formulated by massive companies that don't know Australian Skin.

Why wouldn't you want skincare that is designed by Australians… for Australians. We know what skincare problems you are facing because we have them and we get emails every day from people all over Australia looking to solve their skin concerns; dry skin, sunburn, freckles, wrinkles, spots, pigmentation, psoriasis and eczema just to name a few. Here are the top Australian skin concerns and what you can do about them.

How to Treat Dry Australian Skin

Is your skin tight, dry and itchy? Or maybe it's just dull and lacks that lovely dewy suppleness?

The Australian environment can zap your skin of moisture. In Australia we spend our days in the sun, in the car and in air-conditioning. Our weather conditions can vary from hot to windy, dry to cold and sometimes that can all be within a few hours of a day.

Do This…

1. Avoid using harsh alkaline soaps and foaming cleansers that dissolve your skin’s natural barrier.

2. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise… as much as possible. After the shower is the perfect time to moisturise; your pores are open and by leaving your skin slightly damp, your skin will lock in that extra moisture. If you're like me and you forget to put moisturiser on after the shower try leaving a moisturiser in your bag, car, work, bathroom and or one next to your lounge.

3. When selecting skincare choose products with jojoba oil, almond oil, olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and other natural moisturising factors. These include glycerine, sodium PCA, urea, triglycerides and maleic acid. These natural ingredients promote the healthy oil production which will nourish that beautiful Australian skin of yours.

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How To Treat Sunburn In Australia

We all know prevention is better than cure but It happens to the best of us, whether you missed a spot, forgot to reapply or you just got lazy. It only takes 15 minutes for your skin to get UV damage and sunburn. So today on this awesome day we call "Stralia Day" here is a reminder of how to care for your skin.

Do This...

  1. 15-20 Minutes Before Sun Exposure
    Apply sunscreen generously to all exposed areas before you go in the sun means it has a chance to soak in and keep you protected.
  2. Think of a Golf Ball
    And that's how much sunscreen you need to be putting on over your whole body. You really can't overdo sunscreen so be generous with how much you put on.
  3. Reapply Again 30 Minutes Later
    This isn't a standard practice, but reapplying sunscreen 30 minutes after the first application increases the total amount of SPF you have on your body and it catches any spots you missed. If you still keep forgetting try setting a timer.
  4. If you do get burnt, slather your skin with Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera helps sunburn through its powerful healing ingredients at the top layer of the skin. It acts as a protective layer on the skin and helps replenish its moisture. Because of its nutritional qualities and antioxidant properties, the skin heals much quicker than it would on its own.

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How To Treat Pigmentation In Australia

Those dark mottled and discoloured patches of skin are primarily caused by sun exposure, genetics and ageing. Sadly, most of the hyperpigmentation you’ve got now, you probably earned 20 years ago. (It takes an average of 10 years for sun damage to turn into brown spots.) In a recent survey we conducted 60% of women said uneven skin tone, dark spots and unwanted pigmentation were their main skin concerns. So here is what you can do about it:

Do This…

  1. The first step is to stop it getting worse… use sunscreen! The use of SPF 50 is essential when you are in the sun and will ultimately determine how much pigmentation you or don't get as you age. Sunscreen is the only way to reduce the chance of further pigmentation issues.
  2. A cleanser containing gentle lactic acid, will also hydrate, brighten and accelerate cell turnover.
  3. Use a serum with antioxidants to fight dark spots. Go for vitamin C, it can reduce melanin formation and brighten skin.
  4. The above steps will help stop your pigmentation but if you want to fade pigmentation for good. Then Superfade is easy, effective and less than $1 a day! Use only as directed. For more information on fading pigmentation look at  this article.

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How To Treat Ageing Australian Skin

One of our top questions we get asked is: What can I do about my wrinkles and fine lines?

The sad news is there is no way to reverse the damage ageing has on skin. However we do find that a good moisturiser and routine aids in preventing further ageing by keeping skin firm and plump as well as smoothing fine lines making them less visible.

Do This...

  1. Prevent ageing by protecting your skin from the sun. (Read the tips in sunburn section)
  2. Care for your skin by using gentle cleansers on your face.
  3. Treat your facial skin kindly don't pull your skin and always be gentle on delicate skin areas.
  4. Treat your body well by eating a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water and exercising regularly.
  5. Use pure and natural ingredients in your skincare as well as skincare that has booster ingredients like vitamin E, collagen and matrixyl. These ingredients will all work to fight the ageing process for you.

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How To Treat Australian Skin Problems

Many Australians have various forms of flaky, dry, sensitive, red patchy skin  (possibly caused by skin conditions) such as psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. Or perhaps you have diabetes or lymphoedema that can cause skin conditions as a side effect. Our harsh climate can aggravate these skin problems. This special type of skin needs something that both helps control the condition and alleviate the symptoms.

Do This...

  1. Use a topical cream on a short term basis to help relieve itching and inflammation.
  2. Avoid soap which can strip the skins protective oils. Instead use a gentle PH balanced cleanser.
  3. Avoid known triggers.
  4. Frequently moisturise with a moisturiser that contains lots of natural actives.
  5. After showering, pat skin dry do not rub.
  6. Dress in breathable clothing preferably cotton.

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Why Australian Skin Need Australian Care

Australian skin puts up with a unique set of elements. It needs hydration and protection, it needs skincare with ingredients that are going to work and work hard. Australians are known for their busy and hardworking lifestyles, don't waste your time with skincare that isn't going to keep up with you. The ingredients need to be of an Australian quality and with lots of good stuff jam packed in it.

Australian skin isn't average, it's honest, hardworking and naturally beautiful. Keep it this way by implementing some of the above ideas and your Australian skin will keep it's radiance for many years to come… unlike a coffee fad!