Microdacyn Wound Care Solution (120ml) Hospital Grade

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Microdaycn is used before, during and after all wound care practice to irrigate, clean, debride and prepare the wound bed. ANTIMICROBIAL EFFECT: Microdacyn contains super-oxidized species similar to the ones produced by our body’s own immune system, including neutrophils. These reactive oxygen species (ROS) physically rupture pathogenic cells using osmotic shock, a combination of high oxidative reductive potential (ORP) and hypotonicity. This mechanism is extremely efficient and is proven effective over a broad range of Bacteria, Viruses, Spores, Fungi & Biofilms. INFLAMMATORY CONTROL: Microdacyn use reduces inflammation and inflammatory symptoms. Reactive oxygen species are known to assist in reducing inflammation. HEALING PROMOTION: Applying Microdacyn to wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers & venous leg ulcers has demonstrated an increase in transcutaneous oxygen pressure (tcpO2). This local increase in pressure can be sustained for up to 72 hours after a single application providing greater oxygen to the wound to aid the body’s natural healing process.
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Microdacyn Solution is an irritation free anti-septic solution that Cleans and Treats all types of wounds. The solution is designed to clean and flush the wound and kick starts the healing process. 

Treat your families first aid cuts, burns, abrasions and sores with Microdacyn. Microdacyn is different because it doesn't have any ingredients that cause damage to the healthy skin, allowing you to heal as fast as possible!

• No Sting, No Stain
• Shorter Healing Time
• Prevents Infection
• Suitable For All Ages
• No maximum duration
• Anti-Allergenic, Non-toxic
• Use Anywhere Including Eyes, Nose, Mouth and Ears


Apply Microdacyn Solution liberally to the wound to clean out any debris ensuring you are left with a clean environment for healing. Do not rinse. Cover with appropriate dressing and reapply the solution at every dressing change or 3 times a day. Can also be used to aid in dressing removal.

Use on it's own or together with the Microdacyn Hydrogel. The Hydrogel is designed to fight and prevent infection, inflammation and wound odour.

Microdacyn is clinically proven to significantly improve the healing time for wounds!

Use only as directed.  Always read the label.  If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.


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    Couldn't ask for a better product

    Posted by Janet on 30th Mar 2019

    Easy to apply and more importantly does the job. Couldn't ask for more..

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    Excellent Product

    Posted by Enza on 24th Mar 2019

    My Dad gets ulcers on his legs and being diabetic, his wounds heal slowly. Microdaycn is amazing. Not only does it help treat the wound but his wounds heal much faster.

  • 5
    So Easy

    Posted by Judy on 28th Aug 2017

    My little boy had a bad scrape on his knee, I love how easy it was to clean the wound and it didn't hurt him. Water usually stings and hurts. I love that I can clean a wound with a solution that heals naturally. Really great product!

The solution is used for cleaning the wound. Can also be used to saturate gauze and pack wound which would be covered with bandage.
The hydrogel is used to keep wounds moist while enabling healing, preventing infection. Hydrogel forms a covering over the wound.
Super-Oxidised Water, Hypochlorous Acid and Sodium Hypochorite.
WHAT IS MICRODAYCN? Microdacyn is a new generation woundcare system.
IS MICRODAYCN APPROVED BY THE THERAPEUTIC GOOD ADMINISTRATION(TGA)? Yes, it is approved as a medical device ARTG numbers 1261122 and 1261132 (as per packaging).
WHAT DOES MICRODAYCN DO? *Cleans wounds and maintains moist environment that is optimum for healing *Ensures rapid healing *Prevents infection *Reduces inflammation
WHEN TO USE MICRODAYCN? Microdacyn can be used on minor wounds (self treatment) and first aid. Microdacyn has been accepted by many public hospitals (under NSW Health) and
may be used for ongoing wound care following surgery and/or hospital treatment.
WHY CHOOSE MICRODAYCN OVER OTHER ANTIBACTERIALS (LIKE BETADINE OR DETTOL)? Traditional antibacterials tend to sting open wounds and some stain the skin and clothing.
Microdacyn does not sting or stain and has been shown in clinical trials to be more effective than traditional antibacterial wound care products. Unlike traditional antibacterials,
Microdacyn doesn’t damage healthy human skin and is pH neutral, so it doesn’t sting.
WHERE CAN MICRODAYCN BE USED? Microdacyn can be used on all human skin and mucosa, and in all human cavities (ears, nose, mouth, eyes, etc)
WHO CAN USE MICRODAYCN? Microdacyn is suitable for all ages – from babies to the elderly.