NS 8 Heel Balm Complex (Pump 250mL)

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336.00 Grams
8.50 (cm)
19.20 (cm)
4.20 (cm)
INGREDIENTS: Purified Water*, Urea*, Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol*, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride*, Lactic Acid*, Cetomacrogol*, Zinc*, Malic Acid*, Grape Seed Oil*, Evening Primrose Oil*, Aloe Vera*, Calendula*, Arnica*, Allantoin*, Emu Oil*, Witch Hazel*, Menthol*, Thyme*, Sage*, Vitamin C*, Silica*, Kali Sulph*, Nat Mur*, Calc Sulph*, Sodium Benzoate Chloroacetamide, Di Sodium Edetate, Pure Essential Oils of May Chang*, Ylang Ylang* and Palmarosa*, Grapefruit Seed Extract*. *Naturally derived, organic or synthesised natural ingredients
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Very Dry, Rough, Cracked or Thickened Heels and Feet

NS 8 Heel Balm Complex is a non-greasy, intensive cream formulation which absorbs quickly, and spreads easily to provide fast relief for very dry, rough, cracked, or thickened heels and feet.
NS 8 contains natural extracts, vitamins, moisturisers and exfoliants that work in synergy to remove thickened skin and raise moisture levels to give you soft, smooth heels. Recommended by podiatrists and diabetes educators


Fast Relief from painful cracked heels
Fast Acting - soft, smooth heels within days
No Slipping in Shoes - fast absorbing
No Sliding on Floors - non-greasy
No Foot Files - natural exfoliants remove thickened skin               


Restores very dry, rough, cracked heels and feet
Exfoliates thickened or calloused heels and feet
Smooths rough skin on elbows, arms, knees and legs
Diabetic dry skin on feet


Xerosis (extremely dry skin)
Keratosis Pilaris (small, hard bumps)
Ichthyosis (scaling of skin)


Massage a small amount into heels and feet at least twice a day until restored. Then use twice a week to maintain condition.
Concentrated – a little goes a long way


Natural Moisturisers:  Urea + Coconut Emollients & Allantoin
Natural Exfoliants:  AHAs - Lactic & Malic Acid (derived from milk and fruit)
Natural Emollients & Hydrators:  Aloe Vera, Evening Primrose Oil & Grape Seed Oil
Natural Vitamins & Plant Extracts:  Vitamin C, Thyme & Sage, Extracts of Arnica, Calendula & Menthol

* Naturally derived, organic or synthesised natural ingredients


NO petro-chemicals (petroleum)
NO paraffins
NO propylene glycol
NO lanolin
NO parabens
NO colours
NO perfumes 



  • 5
    NS 8 Heel Balm

    Posted by Joanne Stephenson on 5th Sep 2019

    Very good cream- easy to apply and non greasy. The pump pack makes it even easier to use!

  • 5
    The Best Product Ever! Go on-reward yourself!

    Posted by Vicki on 17th Apr 2018

    My poor feet need a reward for all the work they do in a day!
    I could not find anything better on the market as a reward!
    The best product ever!!

  • 5
    Go on-treat those hard working feet of yours!!

    Posted by Vicki on 15th May 2017

    My daily routine is moisturize my face and then my hard working feet and I am ready for my very busy day!
    We moisturize our face-but forget our feet-never-especially in summer when they are on show.
    I do the same before bed every night.
    Best product ever!!

  • 5
    Best heel crack cream on the market

    Posted by Stephne Burke on 28th Aug 2016

    While living overseas I could not get my NS-8 and even though I tried everything on the market my heels were a mess. I eventually was able to buy online and have them shipped to me in Singapore and my heels recovered.

  • 5
    no more ugly cracked heels!!!!!

    Posted by vicki on 14th Mar 2016

    Fabulous product for dry feet.
    It is not greasy and my feet improved after using this product twice daily for a week!!!!!!
    I also have the tube to carry in my bag-just in case!
    Give your feet a treat-nothing I have used has been as good as NS-8 Heel Balm.

  • 5
    A heel balm that works!

    Posted by Doug on 18th Aug 2015

    I used NS-8 heel Balm for some time and my heels repaired very well, to the point that I decided to stop using it. After a few months my hells were rough and the one started to get cracks. I started using the heel balm once again and the results have been fantastic. I have not had any other brand of heel balm that works like NS-8 and I have tried several different brands. All the other brands work to a certain point, but the skin never gets smooth and still feels rough and I have had to use a pumice stone. I have found the NS-8 gets the skin on my heels almost to the smooth stage and no cracks or sign of any. I will continue to use NS-8, now that I have found a heel balm that works.