Skincare products that contain clinically proven active ingredients, at therapeutic levels, to produce measurable results in the skin.
John Plunkett’s Super Cosmeceuticals consist of 4 sub brands that enable easy product selection and address the 4 major skin care concerns of women.

SuperFade Logo   For women with unwanted pigmentation, Superfade is the only pharmacy medicine, for fading dark spots,  freckles and brown marks which contains the powerful active ingredient Hydroquinone.

Hydroquinone is the ‘gold standard’ in pigmentation fading, it stops the formation of melanin at the source - in the melanocyte. Superfade a (non-prescription) pharmacy medicine is the only product in Australia that contains Hydroquinone.

 SuperLift Logo    John Plunkett’s SuperLift will firm and lift the skin. It is powered by peptides which are the building blocks that make up proteins in our body, including collagen in the skin.
SuperEven Logo   Reduce blotchy, mottled or inconsistently discoloured skin with John Plunkett’s SuperEven - for perfectly even skin tone.
 SuperBright Logo    Transform your dull complexion with John Plunkett’s SuperBight products for brighter, clearer, lighter and more luminous,  radiant skin and texture.